Taking you
on a Fancy Ride

As soon as you descend the train at Shoranur and step out of the Railway Station, you will be greeted by the towering façade of Hotel Apsara, the finest hospitality destination near your travel destination. Shoranur has a reputation as a much sought-after movie location or as a site of architectural marvels and Hotel Apsara is located here right at the focal point of this vibrant place. It’s an epitome of luxuriant Hospitality that stands out with its Royal interiors, aesthetic ambience, premiere accommodation facilities and finest on-site eateries for the food connoisseurs. The Hotel truly celebrates the legacy of Indian Railways and trains. So, that’s why the Hotel’s Restaurant Outlets, Venues and even the parking area are given the names that you often happen to here in a train Journey. It certainly gives you the feeling of a travel by rail and the comforts inside the hotel will then take you to the heart of a world adorned with elite-class hospitality.

Rest and Relaxation

Whatever be the reason for your visit, Hotel Apsara creates a comfy heaven for you at its thoughtfully designed guestrooms that feature luxuriant hospitality blended with comforts that very much make you feel at home. There await Deluxe and Executive category Guestrooms embedded with an array of world class facilities such as comfortable upholstery, TV entertainment Unit, work desk and hygienic private bathrooms with all essential toiletries. It’s an ideal setting for any traveller to unwind and celebrate your staycation or to relax after a long day at work.

Something Special

Aimed to deliver delightful culinary experiences have been arranged the eclectic dining destinations at Hotel Apsara. At JUNCTION our very own Multicuisine restaurant, flavours from all around the world meet to give a treat to your taste buds. It’s design elements accentuate the relaxed vibe of this dining space where you will be greeted by the enticing aroma of authentic Indian flavours intertwined with World Famous Delicacies. And if you fancy to try on an exciting beverages collection and some tasty nibbles, there is TERMINAL- the permit room of the hotel which can be the right place to fulfil your cravings. Choicest culinary favourites and beverages with the goodness of its fresh and hight quality ingredients will serve a filling experience for every palate for sure.

Transforming Events
to Lifetime Memories

Realising the need for convenient event spaces, the hotel has orchestrated a variety of meeting places suited to all your needs. Whether it be family get-togethers, memorable events of your life, conferences or serious business meets, we provide the most exceptional surrounding for you to host them. There is TRAM, the Family Function Hall fitting for weddings, receptions and betrothals that demand space for larger crowds. And for the small gatherings, Seminars and High-profile events, there is METRO, the Seminar Hall of the Hotel to accommodate all your meeting requirements. We also offer one Chic style Boardroom named WAGON that provides a serene vibe and seamless connectivity idyllic to conduct private business meetings and board discussions that require some serious brainstorming sessions.

the Explorer in You

Serene flows the river Bharathapuzha in Palakkad and the famous Shoranur city is situated here on its banks itself. Shoranur’s proximity to its railway lines has helped the town develop into a major industrial hub. In fact, Shoranur Railway Station is the first Railway station to come up in the God’s own country which since than has been the gateway to this scenic place. There are beautiful spots nearby like Ottappalam, famous for its legendary Chinakkathoor Pooram, Cheruthuruthy - home to the renowned Kerala Kalamandala, Varikkasery Mana- a popular Movie Location and Vazhani Dam to visit here. Hotel Apsara’s convenient location right at the entrance of the Railway station makes is easy for you to explore all these destinations conveniently.